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     Huff 'n' Puff Trail is 1.8 miles in length, located at 3600 Shelton Springs Road - across from the Shelton High School.



      The Huff 'n' Puff Trail was one of many trails built around the United States by JCPenny Company. Volunteers  from our four local service clubs: Shelton Kiwanis, Skookum Rotary, Kristmastown Kiwanis, and Shelton Rotary worked diligently to build the trail. All signs and construction guidance were provided by JCPenny and all other construction materials were donated by local businesses. The local clubs held a contest to name the new trail, and Dr. Doug Larson (Skookum Rotary member) was named the winner. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held August 11, 1979. The City of Shelton and the local community work to maintain the trail. For example, city crews recently spent hundreds of hours completing vegetative maintenance efforts, and a donation of wood chips from Sierra Pacific Industries' Shelton mill provided for resurfacing of the trail. This resulted in an all-weather trail surface appreciated by runners and walkers alike. The Shelton Rotary Club is now joining this effort through formal "adoption" of the Huff 'n' Puff, to support efforts related to maintenance and use. 

    The trailhead monument was an Eagle Scout project completed by Abe Gardner, installed in 1999. The monument represents local students who passed away prior to completing their primary or secondary schooling.  "When I first entered high school, several people passed away, and I wanted to do something for them in their memory," said Abe Gardner. Each name listed on the memorial includes the year of death and the year each individual would have graduated. The students range from middle school to high school age. This project was made possible through generous community support and contributions, which totaled approximately $5000; and the contribution of materials and labor from those in the local community.

    It consists of a memorial stone with the students' names and their schools, three wrought-iron benches as well as two ground plaques listing the memorial sponsors. The memorial honors the students and gives their families, teachers, friends and our community a way to remember their lives, and a place to come, sit and reflect. Student names were last updated in 2014.

   If you know someone that you think should be on the Student Memorial please call or text Abe Gardner at (360) 801-9555.


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